Step 1

Start at the 600 S Broadway Safeway

Head north toward Mt Diablo Blvd and Turn Right.

facing out of the parking lot at 600 S. Broadway towards Mt. Diablo Blvd. An arrow indicating to take a right turn.

Turn right onto San Miguel Drive.

An arrow indicating to turn right onto San Miguel Drive.

Step 2

View Approaching from San Miguel Drive heading South East.

You will see the Ridgecrest West Sign on the left side of the street.

An arrow indicating to continue straight on San Miguel Drive.

Turn left after the Ridgecrest West Sign

The entry driveway is visible to the right of the Ridgecrest West sign when looking at it head on.

Turn into this parking lot

A left turn arrow showing the turn into the parking lot just past the Ridgecrest West Sign.

Drive straight to the end – past the numerous speed bumps.

two cars are parked on the left and an empty driveway is straight ahead

Our office is on the left side of this building.

Keep driving.

A green arrow pointing at the building from the parking lot.

Drive past the Ridgecrest East sign and PARK. The entrance will be on the corner.

a yellow arrow pointing to proceed past the Ridgecrest East sign. A building is on the right and trees are in the distance.

Office entrance (in Violet) photographed from a parking spot.

A magenta arrow pointing down at the  office unit, which is located at the corner.
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