Glaucoma is a complex variety of diseases, all of which damage the optic nerve and are related to intra-ocular pressure. In many cases the cause of glaucoma is not known, however, we still have many ways to treat it.

Dr. Rabin completed a fellowship in glaucoma at Case Western Reserve University with Dr. Douglas Rhee. He specializes in the newest glaucoma medical, laser, and surgical techniques. Glaucoma is one of the most active research areas in ophthalmology. Dr. Rabin prides himself in staying up to date and bringing his patients the safest and most effective innovations available.

In addition to specializing in traditional glaucoma surgery, Dr. Rabin also specializes in MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) which has improved safety compared to traditional surgery.

Below is an illustration of how increased intraocular pressure impacts the eye:

cross section of an eye with arrows radiating out from the center of the eye, indicating high pressure in the eye, which leads to glaucoma damage.

State of the Art Surgery:

Dr. Rabin performs Ab-Interno-Canaloplasty (ABiC). This is a new surgical treatment that restores flow through the eye’s blocked drainage system. Dr. Rabin likes this technique because it is elegant, effective, and there is no implanted material. It helps to rejuvenate the drainage system as opposed to replacing it. This video demonstrates ABiC.

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