Dr. Rabin and Walnut Creek Eye Care accept Many Insurance Plans, however, the health insurance landscape is frequently changing and we as providers are not provided with the complete compendium of insurances we are and are not on. It is your responsibility to confirm whether your insurance panel includes us. We strongly recommend you check with your insurance company if Dr. Rabin is in network with your insurance carrier. Failure of your insurance company to pay for your visit or surgery does not excuse payment. Seeing Dr. Rabin and Walnut Creek Eye Care as an “out of network provider” (not covered by your insurance) will leave you as the responsible party for payment. Contact your insurance carrier with any questions.

We do not accept “John Muir Physicians Group” or “Contra Costa Health Plan” at this time.

What does vision insurance cover?

Vision insurance such as VSP typically covers a routine eye check-up (screening), refraction for glasses, and eyewear. They typically do not cover exams for monitoring and treating eye diseases.

What does medical insurance cover?

Medical insurance covers treatment for eye related medical diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, and dry eye. It does not cover refraction for glasses or costs of eyewear and contact lenses.

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