We use the newest lens implant technologies available. Below are details of the implant options

Multifocal Lens:

Multifocal lenses allow for clearer vision at multiple distances (near, intermediate, and far) compared to traditional lens implants which are focused specifically to one distance (far). They are designed to decrease the need for glasses.
These are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to decrease their reliance on glasses or who has an active lifestyle where wearing glasses may be a hassle.
The video and image below illustrate the benefits of a multifocal lens.

Illustration showing yellow blurry cataract vision on the left and presbyopia in the middle and vision through a multifocal lens on the right which is clear in the distance and near.

Toric Lens:

Toric lenses are designed for people with eyes that are not perfectly spherical in shape (astigmatism). Cataract surgery provides a fantastic opportunity to reduce or eliminate astigmatism that would otherwise be difficult to relieve. Patients with high levels of astigmatism may see poorly with no glasses if a standard lens is placed instead of a Toric lens.
The video below illustrates the benefits of a Toric Lens.

Monofocal Lens:

This is the standard style of lens implant which focuses light at only one distance. This style of implant has been used since 1949. With this lens implant it is expected that patients will require glasses.

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