We have history.

Ophthalmology and optometry have been practiced at our Walnut Creek location for 49 years. We take pride in providing state-of-the-art eye care to Walnut Creek and the surrounding area including Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga and Concord.

Located in beautiful Walnut Creek, the office has been carefully decorated by Italian photographer Attilio Ruffo. Mr. Ruffo’s photos adorn the walls creating a beautiful office as well as art gallery.
Dr. Rabin took over the practice in 2019 from Dr. Michelle Liu. Dr. Liu had been practicing at our location since 2004. Dr. Liu assumed the practice from Dr. Beverly Morgan, who had been practicing since 1973. We were rebranded: “Walnut Creek Eye Care” in 2021.

The OCCHI Eye Boutique was voted Best Eyewear 2017 by Walnut Creek Magazine.

Come in to check out our unique inventory of designer frames and premium lens technologies.

Tucked away in an office park off of San Miguel Drive, this under-the-radar boutique wins for its trove of eyewear ranging from cutting-edge independent designs to hard-to-find frames from around the globe. With fab images by Italian photographer Attilio Ruffo on the walls, OCCHI EYEWEAR BOUTIQUE has a gallery vibe. Curated frames from fashionable brands like Mykita, Blackfin, and Swissflex are displayed like works of art. An experienced staff provides honest feedback on your best look. 

Walnut Creek Magazine

East Bay Ophthalmology Internship

After going through the healthcare training system himself, Dr. Rabin observed that there is very little time in medical school to decide on what specialty one would like to choose. Among other specialties, ophthalmology, radiology and anesthesia, are given minimal focus prior to having to choose a lifelong specialty. Because of this, Dr. Rabin has created an internship program where he allows budding medical professionals the opportunity to see the ins and outs of an ophthalmology practice to help future trainees be more informed when having to decide on a specialty.

Walnut Creek Eye Care

Walnut Creek, CA 94596
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Fax: 9259457458
Email: info@walnutcreekeyes.com
URL: https://walnutcreekeyes.com/

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